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Measuring Cabinet Doors

Measuring cabinet doors for replacement isn’t that difficult but you do need to make a few decisions.

First, you will need to decide on the type of cabinet door you want in your kitchen.  This will make a difference in the way you calculate your door size as well as the hinges you will need.  The cabinet doors we will be discussing here are Inset (or Full Inset), Partial Inset (or Lipped), Partial Overlay (or Face Frame) and Full Overlay. 

Partial Overlay Cabinet Door


Depending on the type of cabinet doors you are interested in you will need to measure one of two things.  If you are looking for full inset, partial inset, or partial overlay cabinet doors you will need to measure the openings in your cabinets.  If you want full overlay cabinet doors then you need to measure outside of the cabinet box itself. 

You may want to make a numbered diagram so you can more easily keep track of the cabinet doors as you work with them.  Also, when communicating with potential cabinet door suppliers most will work with the dimensions in width x height order.  You may want to adopt this notation right at the start of your project by writing all of the dimensions with the width of the cabinet doors first followed by their height.  And, just to make sure, tell your supplier which dimension is which when you are requesting a quote.

Now that you have a list of either opening sizes or cabinet sizes proceed to the appropriate page to calculate your cabinet door sizes.

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